A deck-building magic duelling game


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Try your luck by adding items to your slot machine reels and spin them to earn magic motes. Spend the different types of motes on spells as you duel with ever more powerful opponents in your quest for revenge!

Spells fit into six main magic schools:

  • FIRE - specialising in powerful instant-damage spells
  • FROST - a school of spells with an emphasis on sustained damage
  • LIGHT - giving the caster shields and protection
  • SHADOW - causing damage over time and stealing health
  • LIFE - a school of spells dedicated to healing
  • DEATH - high-damage spells that can have a cost to the caster

The Early Access build is currently for Windows PC only. You can help the developer by providing feedback and suggestions. There will be regular updates and some of the features still to come in future releases include:

  • New reel items
  • More item interactions & synergies
  • New spells
  • Android platform support

The multiplayer component will be launched in the retail release.

Got feedback, ideas or need help? Check out the Spinjool Discord Server

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